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Forty stylish modern flats in the historic Germantown-Mt. Airy neighborhood.


Established 2018

In the 1800’s, 6364 Germantown Avenue was the site of Ms Arrott’s School for Girls. Today, following our tradition of maintaining historic character, the structure that was torn down almost a hundred years ago has come to life again with an updated new construction replica of the original.

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Architectural Design by: KJO Architects, LLC.


Established 1855

St. Johns Lofts combine authentic craftsmanship and modern amenities in a vibrant neighborhood: a brilliant restoration of a house of worship in the heart of Fishtown.

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7208 Germantown Ave
20 Units, New Construction andAdaptive Re-use of Historic Structure
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619 N Broad Street
121 Units, New Construction
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6915 Germantown
60 Units, New Construction
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We have a great sense of pride in our locations and look forward to improving the greater Philly community one project at at a time